The all-in-one digital platform to manage all processes needed in a flight school, flying club, operator, or maintenance facility that adapts to your own workflows.

Train More Pilots with Less Admin - Free Webinar for Flight Schools

Train More Pilots with Less Admin. Keep those props turning and train more pilots with less admin. In this free webinar we will show you how to manage students, aircraft, classrooms, syllabi, gradings, billing, maintenance, safety, compliance, insights, documents and much more. And all of this by using only 1 intuitive platform for all users in your organisation. Save time and money and do more training.
December 6, 2023 13:00
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For any operations from 1 to 100+ aircraft

Set-up training syllabi, configure grading systems, add students and start training. Classroom and practical training in one platform.Competence Based training (CBTA) ready
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