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Aviatize is the all-in-one software platform for General Aviation.
Say goodbye to the spreadsheet jungle and numerous disjointed applications.
Say hello to productivity, operational excellence and more flying.
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One platform for
General Aviation

Keep the engines turning and focus on students

Set-up training syllabi, configure grading systems, add students and start training. Classroom and practical training in one platform.Competence Based training (CBTA) ready

Reservations and membership control made easy

Aeroclubs are fun ways to enjoy flying. But they often depend on volunteers and passion.With a comprehensive and easy platform to manage flight bookings , memberships, training and club life, everyone can enjoy flying.

Save time and money by having all your plane data in one place

Stay on top of your own airplane or helicopter. Keep the value as high as possible and have the records to back it up. Organize your flying and logbooks in one intuitive system.

Fly more than ever with real-time compliance

Reduce time spent on admin and focus on flying.Aviatize is a full organisation management system to support charter operators, AOC’s, NCC’s ,SPO’s and NCO’s.

From aircraft config to release to service

Integrated maintenance planning linked to aircraft logs based onmaintenance instructions, AD’s, SB’s, and life-limited components.Workorder creation and execution.

For any operations from 1 to 100+ aircraft

Manage everything in one place

From maintenance to take-off, and everything in between. Aviatize replaces more than 10 other software applications and combines over 60 features in one application. Access and manage your aviation assets and processes from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone anytime you choose. Save time on administrative tasks and focus on flying. It’s all about less software, not more.

Operations without disruptions

Avoid any controllable disruptions thanks to the built-in validation engine.
Get a timely heads up on due dates and things that can influence the planning such as renewals, double bookings, or maintenance downtime.
Avoid costly surprises such as last-minute changes to training or operations planning.

From digital records to optimal workflows

Keep all your pilot, aircraft and organization records neatly in one secure and accessible place.
Digital forms with validated and actionable data allow for performing full workflows from A to Z, all without leaving the platform. Get useful data from your records, not just a scanned pdf.

Have it your way

The old adagio “Do what you write and write what you do” was never easier. Configure the experience and workflows according to your own reality. No code is required. That’s convenient when it comes to being compliant as well.


"If we wanted to make the ideal solution for ourselves, it would probably have looked like AVIATIZE.”
Robert Renfro
Kilo Charlie Aviation - COO of Kilo Charlie Aviation
“We don’t have to adapt our business to our system. Instead, we can adapt Aviatize to our business.”
Capt. Luc Bertels
Helicopterflights Ltd | Accountable Manager
"Someone who has an in depth understanding of our business and at the same time is able to think along and support us."
Marc Berkenbosch
Wings Over Holland| Chief Flight Instructior
"Aviatize system is the best I’ve seen with regards to the admin level and ease of use. Great job Aviatize !"
Capt. Veronica Zunic
Salient ATO | Head of Training

Discover simplified aviation management


Train More Pilots with Less Admin - Free Webinar for Flight Schools

Keep those props turning and train more pilots with less admin. Take better decisions with data driven insights. In this free webinar we will show you how to manage students, aircraft, classrooms, syllabi, gradings, billing, maintenance, safety, compliance, KPI's, documents and much more. And all of this by using only 1 intuitive platform for all users in your organisation. Do more training, save time and money with Aviatize - the All-in-One management system for flight schools and general aviation.
March 27, 2024 13:00
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Blog article

Kilo Charlie Aviation chooses Aviatize for taking their flight school to the next level.

Kilo Charlie Aviation chooses Aviatize Press Release
July 27th 2023
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Customer Story

Wings over Holland guarantees smooth planning and compliance with Aviatize.

In this article we describe the customer story of Wings Over Holland, the largest ATO in The Netherlands, transitioning to Aviatize.
July 2023
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For any operations from 1 to 100+ aircraft

Set-up training syllabi, configure grading systems, add students and start training. Classroom and practical training in one platform.Competence Based training (CBTA) ready
See Live Demo

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