Flying club

For aeroclubs, Aviatize is the all-in-one solution. Aeroclub members can intuitively reserve aircraft, look up documents, manage provisions, track training progress and interact with other members.
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Flying in a digital world

With Aviatize for aeroclubs, the organization does not have to rely on volunteers for administration but can enjoy the fun of flying, knowing that everything is taken care of. While flight bookings, administration and documentation control are standard features of Aviatize, the platform can be extended with maintenance planning, training, flight safety and accounting features.

Easy bookings of resources

Reserving a time slot on one of your club’s aircraft should be easy. There is no need to make things too complicated and confusing for your club members. That’s why we’ve implemented a rule in Aviatize that you should be able to book a time slot on an aircraft in 3 clicks or less. Ensuring operational transparency for the management and individual members is the key to a smooth-flying aeroclub.

Payments that manage themselves

Say goodbye to old-school ways of monitoring your payments; with Aviatize, we help you to stay on top of your finances without an accountant’s expense. With online payment and balance tracking. Reduce administrative time and increase your flying time.

No more lost or expired documents

It’s your worst nightmare, something happens and the pilot was flying without a valid medical certificate or your insurance just expired. To prevent this from ever happening to you, Aviaitze helps to remind you when documents are about to expire and can even prevent you from taking off without the right valid documents.


"If we wanted to make the ideal solution for ourselves, it would probably have looked like AVIATIZE.”
Robert Renfro
Kilo Charlie Aviation - COO of Kilo Charlie Aviation
“We don’t have to adapt our business to our system. Instead, we can adapt Aviatize to our business.”
Capt. Luc Bertels
Helicopterflights Ltd | Accountable Manager
"Someone who has an in depth understanding of our business and at the same time is able to think along and support us."
Marc Berkenbosch
Wings Over Holland| Chief Flight Instructior
"Aviatize system is the best I’ve seen with regards to the admin level and ease of use. Great job Aviatize !"
Capt. Veronica Zunic
Salient ATO | Head of Training

For any operations from 1 to 100+ aircraft

Set-up training syllabi, configure grading systems, add students and start training. Classroom and practical training in one platform.Competence Based training (CBTA) ready
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